Best Antivirus For Android

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Arguments are still going that a smart phones needs an antivirus protection. But recently some smart phones are comes with pre-installed antivirus apps and phones names Black Phone which runs  on a customized version of android offers some secure features like encrypting our calls,sms and online activities. Most of the smart phones users are likely to stay online. So, as a precaution to stay safe in online you have to consider some security apps that offers several level of protection to your phones. Here is some top antivirus that suites for your phone, only best.  

                   It’s a free feature packed antivirus app that get some picks we have to pay for in other apps. The apps brings antivirus, anti-malware, find my phone function and safe browsing that blocks malicious websites

Key Features
  • Real time protection against viruses, Malware, Vulnerabilities
  • Safe browsing blocks malicious websites 
  • Eliminate apps that eats your system resources 
  • App lock features to lock installed apps with password or by drawing patterns 
  • Fastly scans installed apps and SD card 
  • Anti-theft protection to find your lost devices using google maps 
  • Capture picture and send to your email who are wrongly type the password for 3 times in your phone
  • Scream mode, Call blocking, Find your family members  by inviting through their mobile numbers
  • 100% detection rate

                     Another antivirus app comes with a free and pro version. As usual free version only supports basic features and pro has some extended features. You can subscribe to the pro version by monthly or yearly. 

Key Features
  • Free version has antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing protections, 
  • App backup, SIM block, app lock in pro version ,
  • Individually scanning SD files, 
  • Anti-theft protection for both free and pro version, 
  • Safe browsing, Firewall protection for rooted devices
  • Data package and battery monitor

                             Apart from other antiviruses it offers some additional features like privacy cleaning, Data monitor monitoring. It instantly scans an eliminate threats

Key Features
  • Antivirus, anti-malware protection, 
  • Free with AD support, 
  • Cleaning files that left behind some apps, 
  • Gives flashlight, memory booster, privacy cleaner shortcuts in notification bar
  • Call and SMS blocker
  • Vault for Secure your communication info with SPECIAL ONES and encrypt your special apps

                                       The best antivirus for PC and android. They also offers Mobile Security & Antivirus for  a 14 Days trial that provides some advanced features. If you enjoy this version of app you can for the upgraded version.

Key Features
  • Antivirus, anti-malware protection
  • Suits for older devices 
  • Eliminate threats and Vulnerabilities 
  • Safe browsing, app lock features 
  • Anti-theft protection, Privacy advisor


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