Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android

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Best video editing apps for android in 2015. Visuals convey more concepts than sounds. Also adding some flavors to videos like Fx, Themes etc... make it tasty (visual treats) to your viewers. I am not discussing any professional stuff here and no need to have any previous experience in video editing. If you are a creative or non-creative person doesn't matters here. You can edit videos, create photo videos using your pics and give it as birthday videos to your loved ones and more with minimal efforts by help of these editing apps for your smartphones. Thanks for coming such apps to android that we no longer depends on PC for all our video editing works. Here are some of the top video editing apps for android.

Viva Video (Free/Paid)

Explore your creativity with no boundaries via Viva. It’s a very powerful video editing app for android, packs with lot of editing features like trim videos, add special effects (Thunder, Lightening etc..) and music in background etc... with ease. Simple user interface makes you to edit your favorite videos like professional. 


  • Trim and rotate your videos. 
  • You can fine tune your videos before editing. 
  • Add your own voice and music as background to the videos. 
  • Merge your clips with stylish templates and add text to it. 
  • Create picture in picture videos with animated funny stickers. 
  • Preview and download lot of themes, video effects and styles. 
  • Make photo videos with your pics. 
  • Set different effects to your clip through time frames. 
  • Beauty filters for polishing your Selfies. 
  • Share your creativity with whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc....

Interesting fact is that you can download and use lot of editing features even in its free version of this app. But a limit is you can edit videos only up to 5 min length and watermark is their while editing via free version. If you like this app goes for Pro and lifts these limits. 

Video Show (Free/Paid)

Create awesome video using photos and videos with minimal efforts. It’s handy and you can use all its editing features for free with no watermark in output videos. App has a lot of features to customize your clips without having any knowledge in video editing.


  • You can directly add music from your phone or preloaded music from the app to set as background music to your videos. 
  • Add funny stickers and effects to your videos. 
  • Create your videos with transition and filters. 
  • Rotate individual photos while creating photo movies. 
  • Trim and convert your clips to mp3. 
  • Set duration of the background music. 
  • Select time duration for making photo videos.

You can't add more than one sticker in a single time frame and free version is supported with non-intrusive ads (Buy Pro for removing ads). Compared to Viva app effects, themes are less and saving videos to your mobile is little tricky. If video doesn't save to your phone after the editing, select file explorer (eg: ES File Explorer) app to save video to your phone by selecting folders to save when sharing of videos.

VidTrim (Free/Paid)

App let you to quickly shorten a bit of video to trim unwanted bits to get it to a particular length. Features are not limited to trimming as well as converting them to mp3, organize them and more.


  • Features You can create new clips and keep the original. 
  • Re-size, compress and convert videos (eg: .mov) to MP4. 
  • Merge videos files and save images from videos. 
  • Add music sound tracks and apply cool effects like Blur, Sharpen, Vignette etc... to your videos using transcode. 
  • Share edited clips via YouTube. Instagram etc.... 
  • Convert your video clips to mp3 files.
Free version of the app comes with ads and not supports for 1080p video effects re-size and watermark while applying effects to your clips. You can drop all these limitations in its premium version.

Reverse Movie FX (Free/In-App Purchase)

Reverse your life's memorable moments with Reverse Movie Fx. You can use this app for simply convert your favorite video to playback them in reverse order. Make fun with reversing videos like reverse your dancing steps, do some magic like make real papers from its torned pieces etc... App is only support for trim video and makes it play in reverse.


  • You can play backward a particular part of video using trim option. 
  • Add music to the converting video. 
  • Merge both reverse and original or original and reverse videos in order. 
  • Option for converting to play clips in only reverses. 
  • Share your videos with Facebook, Instagram etc...
Conversion may become slow if you go for higher resolution and free version comes with ads. Also you can instantly reverse video that you captured via your phone's built-in camera or select videos from gallery to playback in reverse.

Video Trimmer (Free/Paid)

Trim your videos and ultimately compress them to more than 80% of the original size without compromising any quality in video playback. Also without selecting trim option you can pick videos from gallery and converting or compress them to save your phones space.


  • Trim your videos by setting start and end points. 
  • Convert your videos with resolution ranging from 320p720p. 
  • You can set the video quality from high to low. 
  • Set custom quality to your clips.

Also the app helps you to reduce your higher resolution video to a lower resolution without dropping any video quality and produce them in small file size.

Want to make live wallpapers from your favorite videos without knowing any programming codes then this app will definitely works for you. Make fun with creating personalized video wallpaper from your captured videos via mobile or select videos from your gallery to set it as live wallpaper to your phone. Also you can select a particular part of a clip and make it as live wallpaper.


  • Mute audio in live wallpaper. 
  • Crop videos to keep them in an aspect ratio. 
  • Play with audio in live wallpapers.
But cropping and setting audio in live wallpapers supports only in Premium version. Not all features of generic live wallpapers like response to your touches, motions etc... are not expected while creating video wallpapers using this app. Usually free version is supported with ads.


Are you making fun with any other video editing apps for android that I don't missed here?... Then feel free to add it here as comments.

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