Things To Keep in Mind While Using Smartphone

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We are all loved to use new technology and the features that they offer to us. As the technology becoming advance, more and more invention are made out to meet our needs. All these are to make our life smooth and easier. The most trending technology product that all we love is Smartphone. Their entry changes the face of mobile market. Also we are witnessing that the Smartphone’s were pushing their limits on every new entry that they made to the market. Also, everyone is waiting what new features can them bringing to us. Their features make us addictive and more attached to them. However you also give importance to the way of using smart phones and features. Here I would like to point out some important things that you have to keep in mind while using your Smartphone.

Is Smartphone having any relationship with your heath?

Smartphone addiction become more in these days. Latest studies show that usage of Smartphone leads to some health problems. But you can keep them away by following some simple techniques.

Night Reading

Avoid reading in night-time especially at dark region. If you read in dark region (at low light)it will give over strain to your eyes for focusing on the screen to pick up each words that may tired your eyes. So, at least adjust your screen brightness to least or turn on night mode for browsing and reading at those circumstances.

Take Time Intervals

Take regular time intervals while using mobile. As usual you keep mobile in your hands for reading, browsing, chatting etc...This may make your hand become tired or feel pain on your fingers and forming moisture between your hands and mobile. In such cases exercises your fingers for a while. If you have moisture in hand and fingers wipe out with cloth otherwise this may lead to allergies (rare cases) to your skin (or over formation of moisture to hand every time you hold something). 

Don't keep your mobile so close

Try to avoid using mobile so closely for a long time. This may make your eyes over strain or feel vision blurriness. In such situations you will keep your eyes closed for some times and take some exercise like rotate your eyes slowly in clockwise and vice versa also look forward for some time. Also, don't forget to  blink your eyes while using your Smartphone or even reading books, using computer for hours otherwise you may be end up with dry eyes ( condition in which tears aren't able to produce adequate moisture to your eyes).

Don't take your mobile to bed

In doing so, will affect your sleeping and cut sleeping time. Also keep mobile away from your bed to avoid radiation from it. Remember one thing reading books or using mobile (especially playing games) while lying is not good (If my grandmother seems I am doing this, she makes angry with me). Also you may feel headache for a while. 

Keep your Place straight

Always remember to sit straight while you using your mobile. It’s helps to feel more relief than usual sitting position (that looks into mobile by neck down).If the position in no correct its like carry some weights to your back and your neck, also its not good for your health.

While making a call

Don't put the mobile directly to your ears after dialing. Wait until the call gets connected to other side. Mobile emits more radiation before the call connecting.

Your Smartphone's life

Lifetime of your Smartphone depends on how you handle and use their features. Here are some tips for improving your Smartphone efficiency or their life span with you.

Over Heating

Most of the Smartphone’s will get heated when you use it them for a long time. Try to avoid this situation. Ya!...I know we're not really like to leave mobile in middle of chatting, gaming etc...Even if you noticed the phone becoming hot. So, if your phone is getting hot try to leave for at least 15 mins. This will helpful to cool down your device as well their circuit board and delivered more performance to you.

Using mobile while charging

Did you know, efficient charging also connected with Smartphone life. If you continuously using mobile for gaming, playing video while charging make both battery and mobile hot. This in turn leads to the bulging of your battery (may lead to battery explosion), heating of your mobile circuit board (may your mobile failed to boot) also at the same time it increases the battery charging time that reduces the battery life cycle. So, limit the usage to some minor uses like chatting while charging.  

Note: Try to avoid using third-party charger for (charger that not meets your phone manufacturer ratings) charging.

Give relief to your mobile

Try to turn off your mobile at least once in a week. After turn off take out both SIM and battery   and leave it for at least 15-30 mins. This is somewhat like we enjoy fresh air to make a relief. This also helps to keep your battery life time and efficiency of mobile. If you have faced some problems like your mobile showing poor signal strength, Internet speed, improper battery percentage show etc...  By doing (turn off) this you can get rid of these problems to some extent. 

Above discussed are some importance points you used to be remember while using a Smartphone. If, you have more suggestions pls feel free to express as your comments.


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