Top 5 Free Recharge Apps in 2015 (For Indian Users Only)

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Early I discussed some apps that give free talk time for installing and trying apps from play store. So, here is another set of apps that offer free talk time. First of all you need an android Smartphone for utilizing this offer. Also certain things to follow to get free mobile recharge. For trying these apps you definitely have mobile data activated on your phone or can use through Wi-Fi. Here I give you some of them that gives free recharge and that are works for me too.

Some general rules before trying these apps

                       Here are some general rules you may follow to get credits from these apps.

  • You must have an Android Smartphone 
  • Some apps give credits for first time installation of apps 
  • You may wait for 30s- 1 minute after installation of apps (its varies to apps and wait for at least 2min) to get talk time 
  • Sometimes you may keep and try them in your phone to get bucks (eg: Mcent like apps) 
  • Before trying these apps make sure that there is *enough space for installing apps otherwise once the offer loaded it may not valid again. 
  • Wait for some time to get credit 
  • Use chrome or default browser to complete the offers

*Check enough space

                Before going to install apps in your phone check whether there is enough space because if you have already have memory card but smartphones like galaxy S2 support only installing apps to their internal memory.


                      A newbie in same genre of recharge apps that gives free credits for installing apps. They will give instant credits after trying apps. Earn freeb coins to redeem it as images and songs.


  • Give credits for trying and installing apps 
  • Try online discount offers also gives talk time  
  • Refer friends to get extra bucks 
  • Minimum recharge amount is 10rs
  • You can recharge not only prepaid as well as DTH and Data Card

What you have to do

  • Install freeb
  • Register with the app 
  • Load the offers 
  • Follow the steps to get credits 
  • Earn Rs.20 per referral

Task Bucks

                        Here is another app gives credit's and its easy to use. Sometimes recharging request may take little time to process.


  • Try and installing apps give credits 
  • Refer friends to install apps will give you extra bucks 
  • Sharing articles within the app to your friends gain you talk time. 
  • Minimum recharge amount is 20rs
  • 5rs joinining bonus for taskbucks installation

What you have to do

  • Install and Register with the app
  • Open and try the offers in it
  • Earn Rs.50 per referral

                    It's another app that gives high value for referring friends and installing apps. Also so many other offers rather than installing apps.



  • Get credits for installing apps
  • Refer friends to get more talk time
  • Try offers and share apps to your friends to get credits 
  • Minimum recharge amount is 20rs

What you have to do

  • Install Earn talk time 
  • Register with the app 
  • Load offers and follow steps to get credit 
  • Earn Rs.50 per referral

                                                       Also Read :Earn Free Talk time

Magic Recharge

                     Also same here get credits for installing and trying them. Instant rewards for installing apps and lots of other offers.


  • Daily offers for getting credits 
  • Refer friends to earn more 
  • Minimum recharge value is 20rs

What you have to do

  • Install Magic Recharge 
  • Register with the app 
  • Open and try offers in to get credits 
  • Earn Rs.6 per referral

               Ziptt can use through their website and android app. presently the app gives credits only for installing and trying apps. But more offers will get through their site.


  • Installing and try them will give free recharge
  • Access more offers through their sites 
  • You can claim daily credit 
  • Referral value is low as only as 1rs 
  • If you have Promo code you can apply it for getting extra rewards 
  • Rewards for completing your profile (.25p)

What you have to do

  • Install Ziptt Register with the app 
  • Click offers and follow the steps to get credits 
  • Claim daily credit

Daily Credit

  • 1-20 days  20paisa 
  • 21-30 days →30paisa 
  • 31-40 days → Rs. 3 Bonus Daily

Note: You will get credits only for first time installation and trying of them. So, select the app that gives highest talk time for trying their offers. Freeb and Earn Talktime had high valued offers. If you have already tried these two apps then go for rest of the apps that I picked. Also you can earn extra bucks by referring to your friends.


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