How to Save Mobile Data in Android phone

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You can save mobile data of android phone by taking simple tweaking and settings. Without Internet there is no existence of smartphones. By the entry of smartphones the data traffic driven rates increase highly. May be you never dreamed of that GBs of data can eat by a phone itself. But after the entry of smartphones especially the android phones this part has become no relevance. I am sure that for a smartphone junkie 1GB is not enough to stay with his smartphone over more than 10 days. If not pardon me....

When you are running in low data pack or use main balance to browse internet then you don't like your smartphone to eat lot of your mobile data. This is not the only thing also if you are in a day or week validity data pack you doesn’t like to drain out your mobile data balance fastly. As the smartphones are ready to attacks your data pack. So, you have to teach them some manners that how they can deal with your mobile data if they are greedy. Here, I am going to tell how you can train them. Let’s go......and I'm trying to tell you in little fantasy.....

Before Entering to the Internet World with him

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Before entering with him (smartphone) to the internet world give some proper instruction and teach him to not make any quarrels with your data pack. Just try, he will definitely obey you.

Make sure that he has no appetite

As he (smartphone) go through the Internet world he will eat a lot of food (*cache) when he visited a house (site) with you. So, it's your duty that they take enough food (don't clear the cache). Benefits is that when he re visit the same house (same site) with you and he is not willing to eat more food (cache) again. It helps you to faster browsing and low mobile data usage.

Also If he become so fatty (low space and slower performance) trained him with an instructor (apps like Clean master-cache cleaning app) to reduce his fat (clear cache) and make him faster.

*Cache: It's small data that creates in your mobile every time you browse Internet or using an app. This helps to browse page faster and load the apps very easily.  When you re-open it.. But it is not good for low-end phones because lots of cache will slow down your phone and carves your mobile space.

Advantages of cache Browsing

Cache browsing has a lot of pros in which you have to use less mobile data, faster browsing, offline reading of some apps (Facebook, Google Maps etc...) without clearing cache.


By using its official app it also creates a lot of cache in which later to deliver you a better user experience and to increase the loading speed of the app. Another thing is that you can go through the app in offline mode unless you don't clear the cache to the end where it's loaded before when you are stay in app.

While Browsing

It’s give hassle free browsing while you are in any browser. For example browsers like Google Chrome are difficult for a 2G user to use Gmail. But if you keep the cache of the early visit to Gmail account in chrome it will helpful to load your account very faster even in normal 2G speed.

Offline Map

Another benefit is that you can use cache of the maps to retrieve the data in offline. But remember that this feature is useful only if you have a history of a place you searched. Because while travelling it's difficult to access internet to search with the app. So, with cache you can overcome that. Google Maps also provide offline data mode.

For saving a map in offline mode search for a place you wanted to save in offline. After completing the search, from the bottom of the screen shows the searched place name tap it then a pop up option appears to save it in offline. Map showing only on the screen will save. Also you can zoom out or zoom in the map before saving. To know its limitation click here.

Don't let him to take decisions

Don't let him (smartphones) to make his decisions. As this make your money (data pack) in trouble. So, you definitely have a control over his decisions taking before entering to the internet world. If you not controls him, he buys all the latest things (automatically updates your installed apps) to his family (installed apps) with your money (data pack), without your knowledge.

Did you allow them to do that by wasting your money (data pack) to buy items (updates) that are not useful to him and you. No, I'm not going to allow that. So, if you..... Then teach him to buy things (updates) at the right time (manual updates by you). Not only he but also you have to spend your money (Data pack) wisely. Here we go...

Thinks you should teach him not do himself

Here is something you should teach them before going to browsing

Disable automatic updates of your installed apps

Turn-off Auto updates of the installed apps before you get connected to the internet. For that go to the play store select Settings Auto update Apps Do not Auto updates.

Generally updating installed apps are good that this will eliminates the bugs in it but if you are latching on a mobile data it’s safe to disable the automatic updates of them.

Restrict the data usage in the background

There are many process that runs in background in which drives more mobile data while you get connected to the internet. So restrict it by go to Settings Connections Data Usage Tap menu button Restrict Background. (Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3). Once it is selected then the background data access only when a WiFi is available.

In general go to Settings Wireless &Networks Data Usage Tap menu button Restrict Background. Also you can restrict individual app background process by selecting the app itself.

Disable Unwanted apps that runs in background

Also disabling the unwanted apps running in background before browsing will reduce the data consumption.

For that Go to Settings Application Manager Under Running select the apps that you don't want run in background except the system apps. Also you can use auto force stop the apps that runs in background with the help of third party apps like Greenify

Use this app to hibernate unwanted apps that run in background. Greenify just force stop the apps and you can use it again by re open it. This helps to browse faster and make your phone speedy.

How to hibernate

  • Open Greenify, from the home click the + from top right corner. 
  • Shows the app runs in background. 
  • Select the apps that you want to hibernate by tapping it. 
  • After selecting apps clickto hibernate. 
  • Done...All the apps got hibernate.

Some of the apps may not hibernate or you have to manually force stops them. It’s not safe to hibernating security apps and other android system apps. Once you hibernate the apps then you don't need to select them again to hibernate. All you wanted to do is just select this iconfrom the app home to hibernate.  

Also the app supports auto hibernation in which the app itself automatically force stop all the apps that you selected to hibernate. You can activate this option under the Experiment features Automated Hibernation (this feature only available from android OS 4.1+) and no root needed.

Note: Hibernating Facebook, whatsapp and other will stop them to run in background. Also you don't get notified the new updates from this app until you open it again.

Turn-off auto synchronization

Apps like Facebook, Gmail, whatsapp etc runs in background to sync with their servers to bring latest updates, notifications, attachments to you. If you no longer wanted, automatic synchronization in background then better to disable it.

Go to Settings → Wireless &Networks → Data Usage → Tap menu button → Untick Auto Synchronization


Every time you get connected to the internet Facebook connects with its server to bring notification, updates etc...from your friends to you. There is an auto refreshing function in which brings the real time news feed from your friends.  Also Stop the Auto play function in which automatically plays the video in Facebook app and the frequency or Auto refresh rate to high.

For that Open Facebook Tap menu button Set refresh interval to high


If you are no longer going to need auto synchronization or automatically receiving the latest email then disabling it will reduce the data usage. Also disable the automatic download attachments or select it to download only through wifi.

Go to Settings Connections Data Usage Tap menu button uncheck Auto- synchronization (Samsung Galaxy S3). Also you can set this through the Gmail app.


Most popular widely use instant messaging app over 600 million users globally. Most of the newbie’s in whatsapp will forget to turn off the Auto Media Download option in it. If you forget to turn off this option, it will carve a lion share of your mobile data and space by the media files that sends by your friends.

For that Go to whatsapp Tap Menu button chat settings Media Auto Download when using Mobile data uncheck all.

If you have low space then you should also turned off media over wifi download. For that follow the above steps to Media Auto Download when connected to Wi-Fi Uncheck all.

Wifi Hotspot!...

You can turn your mobile as a wifi source to other devices by using your mobile data. So, keep in mind before making your mobile phone as wifi hotspot to others as it delivers more data if the above optimization was done by others to which you make your phone as wifi hotspot.

While Using Wifi Hotspot

If you notify that some apps updating in background while you using your friend's or others phone as wifi hotspot. Then immediately force stops them before making so much destruction to your friend’s mobile data. Some app shows their updating in notification area. You can stop them by long press to the notification until app info pop out. By tapping the app info will help to stop them.

Security Suits

Disable the automatic updates of your antivirus app otherwise it will search and download the latest security updates to your mobile. If you run in low data balance or browse through your mobile balance and automatic updates is on this will drain out your mobile data. Also security updates are very much importance to your mobile. So, update it’s manually when you have enough mobile data.

Installing apps

Also first installation step of an app have some connections with your data usage. Because some apps ask you to join their user improvement community or tell that the app will send some anonymous data’s while using them. They use this data’s for improve their apps features and user interface.

You can opt out from this option at the time of installation of app or if you forget to do so then go to settings in app from there you can untick this option. Otherwise it will send data in background that drain out mobile data.
These are the things that you have to teach him (smartphone) before going out with him. Once you taught them they will not forget it until you tell him to do so......

How much he Spend?...

You can know how much money (data pack) he spend with and without your knowledge (Automatic updates). There are some ways to know that how much he spend for buying each items (apps). *Also you can appoint a person (Third party apps like Onovo Count) to watch him.

*Reason: Smartphones with android OS 4.0+ has built-in option to check data usage of your smartphone. But predecessor OS has no option for data monitoring therefore you have to install some third-party free apps like Onovo Count to monitor your data usage and you can try them if you are in Android OS 4.0+.

Onovo Count

It’s an app to track your mobile data usage of your smartphone. It can caught all the data activities that driven by the installed apps and your android system. Also the app sends some anonymous data to their servers to improve the features and user interface to make the app bugs free. You can also opt out form this option under the app settings and no need to create a profile (you can skip this step) in the installation process to use this app. Here are some of the features.

  • Option for setting the plan data type (prepaid, unlimited etc)
  • You can add plan details like validity of the data pack, Allowed data pack etc…. 
  • Give the statics of the usage for a month, week, day, time…
  • Set data limit and usage warning, Data usage by individual apps.

If you have already activated the data pack before the installation of onovo then you have to enter how much data you consumed and the app track the rest of data usage based on your data pack

To know how much he spend for a month

You can know how much money that he spend for a whole month to buy new items (updates) through different sources (wifi, wifi hotspot) for its family (installed apps)

For that Go to Settings Wireless & Networks Data Usage. From their you get whole deals (total data usage) for that month. Also you can warn him if he tries to spend money beyond the limit (you can set limit for data usage).

How much he spends for each family members (Installed apps)

For that Go to Settings Wireless & Networks Data Usage Tap individual app, shows the data consumption of that app for a month or a day or week or over time duration.

These are the things that you have to teach him and keep in your mind while you go out with him for browsing the internet.

After you entering to the internet world with him

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Also you can teach him some good him lessons, proper ways to spend your money (data pack) effectively out there. So, it's your responsibility to give proper directions to him for saving money and making friends (browsers) out there. Below are some tips for you to train him (smartphone).

Spend your money and data pack wisely

You can spend your money (data pack) efficiently without losing so much of it. Here are some tips for that

Low data or mobile balance

If you want to browse at low mobile balance or data without losing much of them then follow below steps.

Use opera to browse

It's a user-friendly browser. Opera can save a lot of bucks even if you are browsing through your mobile balance.  Because opera compressed images and 90% of data they handled before it delivers to you. I recommended opera for 2G users for a faster browsing experience. You can easily load a heavy websites with lot of images and contents with opera.

Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome now offers a data compression or a bandwidth management technique for giving you a better and faster browsing experience. For this, chrome has a dedicated server to compress the data in which fastly loads the web page that you access through it. But you have to select it manually before browsing and also you can opt out at any time.

For that Open Google Chrome → Tap Menu Button → Settings → Bandwidth Management → Reduce Data Usage → Turn It On

Make some arrangements in your browser

By making some arrangements in your browsers you can save lot of your mobile data.

Browse in mobile mode

Try to view websites in mobile view than loading them in desktop mode. It will save a lot of data for you. By doing this you can load or view a heavy websites with lot of images and contents at its basic view. This will helpful to save your mobile data and faster browsing experience.

Browse only in text mode

This feature is offering by most of the browsers like Opera, UC browser etc... From the name explains it. By turn on this mode you will see only text in the respective site that you browsing, even if lot of images there. Because images will eats lion share of your mobile data. But for a better reading experience we have images with them. So, go for only this if you have low data balance.

Set image quality low

Also another option is to reduce the image quality of the viewing images before browsing from Low, Medium to high. This is in turn helps to cut data consumption rate.

While using speedy internet

Lots of changes or developments to the communication field throughout the years. Mobile users use 2G/3G/4G for browsing internet to get information. As Speed of the net increases then the data transfer rate is also faster than you think. So, use 2G to browse at low balance. But you can for 3G/4G if you have a lot of data or want to download large files from internet.

While you are in a special data pack

Recently the operators are offering some special data packs for using Facebook, Whatsapp etc... While activating these types of data packs are only useful for phones like Nokia Xperia Music.... as there is no background in these phones.  Also if you often using these apps it good to latching this plan. But you definitely have a minimum of 30mb extra normal data pack in hand before using this data pack.

Because as I said earlier smartphone has so many apps running in background while you get connected to the internet. Like updating of playstore, Samsung App etc... The data used to update these are not accounted in whatsapp use only pack.

How to use Facebook in low data balance?

The safest way to use Facebook or other social account without losing much data in low balance is to browse through browsers like Opera will help to save lot of data than using their official app. Also Facebook offer you to browse their site in its basic view.

So, get ready to go out with him and enjoy a hassle free browsing without losing so much of your money and mobile data. Also correct me if I made any mistakes. Did you like to add some extra tips?... Pls feel free to express it as comments.



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