How to Speed up your Android Phone

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You can increase the speed of your android phone without rooting. *Rooting is not the last word for speed up your smartphones. Before going for that give a chance to your phone to improve its performance. For that you have to make some tweaking to them.

Lagging, slow performance etc... are common friends to low-end phones having low space or memory. But sometimes they also make friendship with high-end phones and you are not like these friends to make a visit to your mobile while you playing games, chatting, playing videos etc... Also you can keep them away by giving some advice to your smartphone. Here are some tips to get rid of from his friends.

*Root: Rooting your smartphone is not recommended and doing so is risky too. It will void the warranty of your mobile and also there are chances for bricking.

Before Buying Smartphones

If you have heard of above friends before buying a phone and you are not like their friendship then go for a high-end mobile. If concerning about your budget then you can buy phones coming with a minimum of 1GB RAM, 1 GHz processor or some decent internal memory. Already mobile phones are available at these specifications in low prices. Because these friends are not so much like to make friendship with smartphones having high memory and space.

Above discussed are some points to keep in mind if you are not willing to see these friends after buying a smartphone. Apart from all the above steps you take they will definitely make a visit to your smartphone. You can keep them away by some simple techniques and repeat these tricks if they came back.

Memory Management

Through memory management you can increase the speed of your smartphone to a greater extends. More free memory will deliver more performance. So, let's a look at how you can use the available memory to make your phone runs faster.

Disable Apps

Disabling pre-installed apps (apps that already installed and come with your phone) will helpful to free more space in RAM. Because some of these apps are staying in your RAM in which carves its space. Disabling them will give more memory and there preoccupied space can use for other apps to run faster.

For that go to Settings → Application Manager → All apps → Select the apps that you wanted to Disable.

You can disable pre-installed like Chat on, some clock widgets, pre-installed live wallpapers etc... if you are no longer going to use them. But make sure that the disabling apps are not the system apps. If you have any doubts in doing so then you can depend other third-party apps to do it. Clean Master will be a better option for disabling them and they will list the apps that you have to disable without affecting the system functions.

Stop Background Apps

Stopping the unwanted apps that runs in background will help to improve your mobile speed. There are many apps running in background for the smooth functioning of your phone like monitoring the network change, locking of your device etc... This privilege may misuse by other apps and they run in background will give headache to the RAM and results in lagging of your mobile. So, make them force stop will give extral space for your RAM to works with your phone to run faster.

For that go to Settings → Application Manager → Under Running select the apps that you don't want to run in background.

                       Here also you can use Clean master or Greenify to stop apps from running in background.

Check Task Manger

Some apps will not close if you properly closed it. For example apps like android built-in browser, Google Chrome, We chat etc... may run in background if you had already get exit.  Not only the apps but some connectivity service like wifi share (if you already stop it but cached process of it will remain in RAM) will run in background after the use. All of these apps using memory for their running, in turns slow your phone.

So, make sure that they are not running in background after using these apps by using task manager or go through the settings that already discussed above.

Space Management

If you have low space then try to leave some space free will stops your from phone from lagging. Utilize the available space by taking some proper techniques to speed up your mobile to run faster and smooth.

Don't over populate

Increasing the population rate in your smartphone will definitely reduce your device performance. So, don't try to install so many apps and uninstall them if are you not using it for a long period. Some apps are useful when the time of installation or over a period or over a week. After that you forget them to uninstall and they may squeeze your phone's memory and hike your mobile's speed.

Here also you can use Clean master like apps that would categorized the apps according to the frequency of use and you can directly uninstall from it there.

Internal Memory

Low internal memory (Built-in memory) will be a common problem for low-end phones and a reason for lagging of your mobile. Generally smartphones are coming with a specific built-in memory size (varies with phones). A part of this memory allocated used for OS installation in your phone and rest of the space for copying your files and installing apps. Here comes the next problem that mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S2 only allow to install apps to their allocated 1GB space in its internal memory even if 14GB (out of 16GB rest of the 2GB is for OS installation) is available.

If this allocated 1GB is full then you can't install more apps (You may notified this problem when you can't install apps if there is enough space in your mobile) and your mobile become slow. So, such circumstances go for an external SD card to move your files to it.

You can find the "Move to SD Card" option by go to Settings → Application Manager → Under Downloaded apps select the app that you wanted to move.

This will give a free space of the moved app in internal memory and you can continue installation of other apps. But low-end phones may not get benefits from this. As this will be a temporary relief to them. So, make sure not to dump so many apps in your phone's internal memory. This option may not available in some smartphones or supported only in some OS.

Also, Clean Master like apps have option for this and they will pop out at the time of installation, asking you to "Move to SD Card". But smartphones like Galaxy S3 has no limitation for installing apps to their internal memory

Cache Cleaning

The advantages and disadvantages of cache discussed earlier. So, here I am skipping it. Okay then come to the point, cleaning of cache will prevent your mobile from lagging due to low space. Because cache was create every time you using an app for faster loading and occupying your smartphone space. So, it’s a companion of your smartphone. It’s difficult to search cache for individual app and clear it. Cache cleaning app will do it for you with one click.

Something You can do Further

Apart from the Memory and Space Management there is some extra tips you can follow to speed up your android phone.

Disable Power Saving Mode

I too agree with you, enabling the power saving mode will help to hold lots of your phone's battery charge. But enabling this will also limits the performance of your CPU. This is one of the reasons for your mobile become slow. Otherwise you can use the power saving mode by deselect the "CPU Power Saving" option in it if your mobile going slow.

For that go to Settings → Select Power Saving Mode → Deselect the CPU Power Saving.

You can also do it directly by long pressing the power saving mode from the notification area of your smartphone.

Update Software

Updating your mobile firmware or installing apps will help you to increase the speed of your smartphone. Sometimes it may be adversely affects on upgrading firmware. Because the OS that already comes with the mobile are more compatible with your hardware or battery life. If you upgrading may results in battery draining or some glitches while using your mobile. So, go for upgrading if you are font slow performance of your mobile.

For that Go to Settings About Device  → Software Update

In case of the installed apps after the every updates the developer of the app will try to drop the bugs in it that causes battery draining or mobile slow.

Lagging while playing Games

This may happens when the system memory used by other apps in background while you are playing games. Also if the power saving mode enabled or the internal memory was full you may find difficulties in playing.

So, before going to playing games in your mobile force stop the unwanted apps running in the background, deselect the CPU Power Saving Mode in it and clears your phone's memory with the task manager. After made all these steps you can play games faster than the earlier attempt.

Clear your Home Screen

Don't place so many widget's or apps shortcuts on your phone desktop. Doing so will have impact on your mobile speed. Try to keep mostly used apps shortcuts or widgets on the main screen.

Phone Not Responding

If there was no response while you open an app, playing games or other reasons then long press the "home button" or "power button" or "power key + volume up key" (holding it sometime may restart if your phone) to bring back your mobile and these shortcuts are for Samsung phonesit may works on other android phones too. If these tricks are not working then go for the last step remove the battery and restart your phone. Also remember that removing battery while your phone is in use is not recommended and it’s advised to do if all the above steps failed.

Over Heating

Over Heating of your CPU or processor may not suddenly increase your device temperature. But continues the usage while heated may reduce your device performance. So, keep it cool for sometimes to get rid of the problems that may arise from overheating of your device.  

Above discussed are some tips for speed up your android Smartphone. If you would like to add some other tips to the discussion. Pls feel free to mention it as comments.


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