Best Video Players for Android Phones

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Here are some of the best android video players for your smartphones. We all love to watch movies, TV Shows etc... on Television. But the entry of smartphone guys changes our perspective of our viewing experience in mini screens. Also they push their screen limitations on its every new birth and at the same time video quality or the video compressions techniques are also going to another level. For playing at least a 720p resolution video you have to latch on some costlier TV brands and these issues may not worry you if you have a smartphone. Ya!... I too agree with you that we don't get a real viewing experience of watching a Full HD video in a large screen instead of watch them in Smartphones.

Okay then come to the point. For playing videos in smartphones is not that much easy. Also there were so many limitations for your default android video player. So, we depends on others video players which can downloaded from app stores. But they are not unique in features. Some of them support only to play a certain codec’s and some others boost our viewing experience. There were many video players out there for your android phones and here I would like to introduce some of the best among them. Below listed video players were offering basic fingure gestures while playing videos. So, I am skipping that part in their features. Here we go.....

KM Player (~16MB)

I am thinking that there is no need for introducing this big guy for PC users. As he always there with you for watching your favorite videos in your desktop and you can also see him in your smartphone too. So, let's take a look at his features.

What they offer

  • All basic fingure gestures like pinch zoom, seeking forwards and backwards by swiping etc... 
  • You can play videos that recorded using an iPhone in your android phone with KM Player. 
  • Supports Chrome Cast videos. 
  • Supports almost all video codecs like H.265, VP9 etc... 
  • Auto screen rotation while watching a video and an auto screen rotation lock was there too.

What are its limitations?

  • Video formats like .rmvb, .mkv may fail to support.
  • Sometimes language translation may fails. 
  • No option for audio codecs buy or download. 
  • Force stop errors in some devices. 
  • Codec’s like AC3 may not work in certain devices. 
  • No option for selecting Audio tracks.

Also they were eliminating these bugs in their updates and give it a try if you have failed to other apps to watch videos.

MX Player (~12MB)

It’s the most popular video player among the android user and something good in terms of its performance. Let's go to its features.

What they offer

  • You can play music at its maximum volume. 
  • Option for codec download and let you know when it’s needed. 
  • Support Hardware and Software decoding. 
  • More friendly with multi core devices (offers better performance). 
  • Change the subtitles size by swiping it. 
  • Play videos recorded from set-top boxes. 
  • Play music videos as audio only in background.

What are its limitations?

  • Dual Audio selection may not support. 
  • Some gallery view issues in MX player.
  • No playback speed option for slow video sequences 
  • Locking your phone while watching videos in MX player may not lock the player 
  • Codec’s like AC3 may not support in some devices. 
  • Force Stop errors may occur in some devices.

The free version of MX was ad supported. So, if you want to get rid of them, go for a pro of MX Player.

VLC Media Player (~12MB)

      One of the most popular video player among the PC users. But they are in its infant stage because they still offer a beta version of it’s in Android. As a baby (beta) they can also offer some basic functions and something more than that. Also gestures seem too good as usual like other video players.

What they offer

  • Supports streaming network protocol videos. 
  • You can browse through DVD, ISO files menu. 
  • Supports AC3 codec and Multi track audio 
  • Widget for audio control. 
  • Lollipop support. 
  • Optimized for ARMV7 CPU or x86 CPU.

What are its limitations?

  • Hardware decoding supports only from Android OS 4.3+. 
  • No support for ARMV6 devices. 
  • Audio sync and subtitles sync issues while playing videos may find in some devices. 
  • Sometimes video frames may drop and video formats like .og g may not work.

As I said earlier VLC in its infant stage and may vulnerable to bugs but you can give it a try as a friend in your PC or if other video players don't work for you.

Video Player for Android (~10MB)

As the name indicates this was something simple, an easy video player for your android phone. Also there were some good features too.

What they offer

  • Supports almost all video formats like .avi, .mov, .rmvb, .mkv etc.... 
  • Auto detect all media files in your mobile including files from your SD card. 
  • Supports Multiple subtitle formats.  
  • Option for screen orientation lock and shows recently played files list. 
  • You can play videos continuous.

What are its limitations?

  • No option for replaying a video. 
  • Sometimes picture quality may drop while watching HD videos. 
  • You can play videos in a row continuously but not support in a stream. 
  • There may be a limit for SD detection in some devices.

“Video player for Android” is a free app. As usual they use ads and sometimes it may act as intrusive to you.

HD Video Player (~11MB)

Like its name they are doing some HD business for playing high-resolution video files in your android phones. Here are some of its features.

What they offer

  • Supports almost all video formats like .vob,  .asf, .f4v, .ts, .tp, etc... 
  • Auto detection of all media files in your mobile including the files from your SD card. 
  • No need of any codec You can play FLV video without any plug-in.

What are its limitations?

  • Scanning for media files may slow in some devices. 
  • May occur errors while playing video formats like .ts  
  • App may force stop while streaming video from online. 
  • Portrait mode or zoom in or out may not works in some devices.

Here also the same as sometimes frequent ad pop out may hassle you or otherwise its a better option for watching high-resolution videos.

Among this I skipped a solid player named BS player because I already quoted its review in a post. You can read it from here. There were many video players out there for android phones that also offering some exciting features.

Do you have any other video players that you wanted to add this list? That offers some cool features then don't wait no more, drop it as comments. You are also welcome to correct me if I made any mistakes in quoting their features.


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