Best Health Apps for Android

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Best Android Health apps for tracking your fitness. Smartphones are becoming popular with the bonding of android. Also so many apps are available from Google play store to makes your mobile feature rich. Apps for watching videos, Reading PDF files and editing them, Graphic rich video games and the list go on. But what about your health?... Is any apps out there for that?..Yes! Of course there were so many apps that can download from play store which helps to tracks your body fitness. Here are some of the top apps among them.


Vitamin Deficiency Finder (~1MB)

           Vitamin plays a vital role in your body's daily metabolic activities. For maintaining a healthy life you have to intake right amount of vitamin rich food. Also deficiency of them will invite enemies (diseases) to you. We can predict which enemy is coming by different symptoms. By going through these symptoms you can also predict which vitamins or minerals are deficient in your body. The app ask you some questions, after the answering, it tells which vitamin deficiency you have and suggest the food that you intake to overcome that.

How to use

  • Select the deficiency finder option from the app home menu. 
  • Input your details like Name, Age, Gender and hit the start button. 
  • Search the symptom or select it from the category. 
  • After that, click on the "Start Check Up". 
  • Apps now ask you to select further symptoms and hit the continue button until shows the report. (You can also click continue button if there is no symptoms to select). 
  • Finally the app shows probability of vitamin deficiency in percentage. 
  • You can view the food suggestions and report (also there is an option for sharing that report via email) basis of your symptoms selection.

Other features

  • You can individually know the key functions of each vitamin. 
  • Food suggestion for selected vitamins. 
  • Supports multiple profiles (ie. You can save personal profile for your family members)

                                           Almost all vitamins are listed in this app and their food source.

Heart Beat Rate (~15MB)

         You will definitely agree heart is the vital part of your body. He is the second most VIP in your body after the brain or they are in a symbiosis relationship too. They always keep working, in your entire life. Then what's the purpose of this app?... This app is for tracking and gives you the instant heart beat rate.

Before using the app

  • You must be over 18 to do the check up. 
  • While sitting or standing keep your smartphone below your heart level before taking the measurement. 
  • App is friendlier to camera with flash support. 
  • If your device doesn't support flash then move to a bright place to use this app. 
  • Sometimes it takes 15s-30s to complete the measure. 
  • If measurement fails then try it again. 
  • Don't press too hard with your finger tip to the camera lens.

How to use

         Heart Beat app uses your Smart phone camera as a heart beat monitor and tracks your blood flow in real-time with the help of Image Analysis Process.

  • Open the app and from the app home menu. 
  • Click on start button to run measure. 
  • Place your index finger tip flat and gently on your camera lens (You can do this step before opening the app). 
  • Don't move all during the measurement. 
  • After completes the process select the heart beat type (either you are resting or in training). 
  • Done...App now shows the detailed report basis of your heart beat rate.

          You can save the report for future reference. Also you can try another app name Instant Heart Rate (~4MB) which has the same features. Here the same, app use your smartphone camera as a heart beat monitor to track color changes on the finger tip that are directly linked to your pulse.

Pedometer (~2MB)

         Walking daily helps to reduce your body weight or burn out calories. But don't know how much calories are breaking down on every step you take. This app is for those who have daily walking habits and helps you to know the calories that you burn out during each step.

How to use

               Pedometer records the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed/hour. 

  • You can track it by hold the mobile while walking or put it in your pocket or bag. 
                All you have to do is just hit the start button in the app and keep walking with your smartphone. 

Other features

  • Touch the graph to highlight information for a specific time or date. 
  • Also touch on number of steps, burned calories, distance, walk time or speed to display the graph with that information.

             In some devices app may not record number of steps you take when your phone is locked and it depends on your mobile specifications. Also adjust the sensitivity if you find errors in number of steps.

Body Truth Health Calculator (~4MB)

           This app helps to decide the actual truth of your body or health fitness. Body truth health calculator provides 16 components to analyze your health or body status with a few convenient means. The app is for both men and women of age ranging from 18-65 years.


  • Know Body Mass Index (BMI) by entering your height and weight. 
  • Choose Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by entering your gender, age, weight and height. 
  • Calculate your body fat by type in gender, waist circumference etc... 
  • You can know how many carbohydrates you need if you are in a lazy-day or busy-day goal by entering your body weight. 
  • Calculate daily protein consumption need by entering your weight. 
  • Check out your blood donation capabilities by entering the details like your blood type and last donation date.

            Also there are lots of other features like target your health rate, Waist Hip Ratio, Breath Rate Respiration, Resting Metabolic rate, Body frame size, Height-Weight chart etc... Remember that this app will only give approximate values and don't take it as a final result.

Water Your Body (~6MB)   

              Do you always forget to drink water? Don't know how much water you have to drink daily. This app reminds you to drink water every day and tracks your water drinking habits.

How to use

  • Open the app and enter your body weight. 
  • App suggests the amount of water you have to drink in a day with respect to your weight. 
  • Set the remainder. 
  • Choose your cup capacity. 
  • App will tell you based on the remainder you set. 
  • After drinking a glass of water click + button to record each cup of water to achieving the daily drinking target (If you drink water before the app notification).

Other features

  • Customized starting and ending time to drink within a day.  
  • Remainders for how much water you need to drink rest of the day.


Calorie Counter (~28MB)

         The app is mainly for planning your diet. Calorie Counter gives the amount of calorie in each food and by knowing this you can make a chart of low-calorie food in which you have to eat to control your weight.

How to use

  • Open the app and enter details like your height, weight, age, gender and activity level to make a profile. 
  • App creates a personalized diets and exercise for you. 
  • Select whether you are trying to lose, maintain or gain weight. 
  • You can choose to gain one pound per week or lose 2 pounds per week. 
  • Log daily to enter food you eat and how much water you drink in a day. 
  • Food you often eat or entering to the app is automatically saved as a list under the frequently added items.

Other features

  • Mammoth data base of food with their calories. 
  • You can scan bar coded ingredients from package to quickly enter the food you consume. 
  • App calculates how many calories you can consume or burn it. 
  • Connects with other 50 devices and apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper etc... 
  • Share your progress with friends and self motivate each other. 
  • Create your own recipes and you can customize their caloric value.

                   There were lot of other features within the app. Try it and explore the rest of the features.

Disclaimer: The above health apps are just for your information and educational purposes only. It is highly advisable to consult registered medical practitioners before adopting any treatment or medicine.

                   Would you like to add any other health apps to the above list?... Then drop it as comments. 


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