Common Errors While Installing Apps in Android Phones

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Sometimes play store errors occur when you try to install apps in your smartphone. This happens temporarily or some other stuff that don't supported by your mobile. It may take time to figure out why the app you are trying to install is refuse to stay in your phone. Here I am giving you some general problems and its possible reasons you may face when you to bring an app to your smartphone. Here we go.....

Before Installing an App

Before welcoming apps to your mobile confirm that your smartphone has no objections or arguments to bring apps to him. Otherwise it will lose your time and data while you are trying to install them in your mobile.

Check Out Space

If there was no space in your phone, then how you are going to accommodate them (apps)?. So, before going to install apps from play store make sure that there is enough space in your device internal memory and SD card. For that check the app size before downloading from play store. Problem not ends here. Some smartphones like Galaxy S2 are only allocated 1GB of their internal memory for app installation even it's coming in 16GB.

Problems arises when you are trying to install a single 100MB or large sized apk files (additional data download is not affect this issue). If you are trying to install these types of apk files then move previously installed apks data to your external SD card by using "Move to SD Card” option in your mobile. If this option is not supported by your phone then use third-party app like Clean Master to do it behalf of this option. Also, note that not only big apk files but also low size apk files will fail to install if there is no space in this allocated internal memories. So, check it before app installation.

Stable Internet Speed

Slow internet speed was also a reason for the apps failed to download from the play store. So, make sure that your internet connection have decent speed or latching to wifi for downloading apps.

Check Out App Requirements

Before downloading apps from play store check that the requirements needed by the app to run are meeting by your smartphone. Requirements like your phone's Android OS version compatibility, GPU etc... But sometimes play store will notify these issues after you click the install button. 

Go through the Reviews In Playstore

Try to read the user reviews and check whether the features offering by the app was working or not (newly launched apps may have less user reviews). If the apps features are working for them then it may also works for you. Google play store allows an option for selecting the reviews based on your device (if available). It will help to know, will they stay in your mobile without making any problems with your smartphone.

While Downloading or Installing Apps from Playstore

What happens if downloading or installing failed at the middle of it? It will definitely angry me if it's a large file otherwise I am a cool person!... Then, What about you?.... Okay let's come to the point. This may due to some temporary issues or slow internet speed. What you have to do is just request for another download. Also, this may due to some bugs in play store app. Here are some of the commons errors that may occur in play store while you downloading apps.

App Not Downloading

Sometimes apps are not get download to your mobile after you press the install button even though the downloading notification is there. This may due to slow internet connection or the bugs in the play store app. So, install app again after reconnect your mobile data or force stop the play store app and open it again.

For that Go to Settings Application Manager All or Under Running process select the Google play store app (also you can see the option for uninstall play store updates) and force stop it. Then open it again and send another request for install the app.

If these tricks fails then sign out and sign in again play store to install the app. Clearing cache or uninstall the Google play updates and install it again is also a solution for this issue. 

If Update Fails 

If you can't update an app from the play store then try to back up an updated copy of the app from your friends or others using third-party apps like Share Apps. Share app will pack the app as a .apk file format and you can share it via Bluetooth or wifi direct to your device. Then click and install this file. During installation of this file, ask whether you to install the new updates and by selecting it you have the latest version that particular app. But this method may not work in updating paid apps. Also, don't forget that the tricks work for apps only having apk installation.

Application Not Installed

You may notify this message when you are trying to install an app from the play store. This message pops up due to several reasons. Insufficient space in internal memory of your phone, corrupted apk file or SD Card Your OS was not supported by the app.

Errors in Google Play Movie and TV App (Error 404)

This may happen generally due to the weak signal or slow internet speed. So, try to use the app through a wifi connection or mobile data at strong network signal.

Unable to Purchase Movie or TV Show from Playstore

You have to purchase movie or TV shows while you are in your home country. Otherwise you can't buy when you are staying or travelling outside of your home country.

Can't Open the App after Download

Sometimes it may due to low space in your device or your RAM is busy. So, try to open the app after uninstall large files or app that grabbed your phone space. Also, freeing RAM by force stopping unwanted apps in background will also help to overcome this issue.

Most of the cases force stopping Google play store, their services and clearing cache will eliminates the commons bugs or error while you try to download apps.

When You Trying to Open an App

Problems are still there if all downloads and installation process was gone in the right way. After installation of apps when you try to open them they may fail to run or sometimes it may freeze your smartphone. Here are some of the reasons why they (apps) behave abnormal.

Apps Force Stopped

Some of you may come across this message when you try to open an app after the installation. Below I am pointing some possible reasons for this issue.

Not Enough Memory

Most of the cases app force stopping problem occurs when there was no enough memory in RAM to run the app in which you are trying to open. So, try to clear the memory of RAM or force stops the unwanted apps that runs in background before going to open an app. Because some apps need memory support from your phone's RAM to run.

Compatibility Issues

Apps compatibility issues with your smartphone may force stops them. This happens when you are trying to play graphic rich games. These high-end games need some specific GPU, Chipset, Speedy CPU etc... for their graphic processing. For example, games that run in Tegra or Adreno GPU will fail to run in Mali GPU. So, check it out in app requirements and know your mobile's hardware specifications before downloading these high-end games. Otherwise you may sometimes saw that ghost images while playing high-end games.

Need Internet Connection

Some apps need internet connection for the first installation in your phone or throughout their running. If the app keeps force stopping when you open it then tries again after turn on mobile data. Because some apps needs to download extra data or verify your app purchase for its first integration with your smartphone. Also, some other apps need an active internet connection with their servers to save your data in app like your progress, profile etc... These online games don’t run if there was not internet connection.

Above are some of the common problems that may happen when you are trying to open an app. If your phone becoming freeze while open an app or at the middle of running it, then hold your mobile power button + volume up key  (samsung phones) for some time to restart the phone.

While You are Using an App

There are still chances of peek problems in the form of bugs while you're using an app. Most of the apps will eliminates these bugs and issues on its every updates. Let's go....

Resolution Problem

Sometimes when you install and open an app, you can view only in its half of the actual display size or may out of the screen. The problem is with your mobile. Because smartphone screens are comes with different screen resolutions. If the app not available or supported for your screen resolution then you can only view the app in its half size or small or out of viewing area of your Smartphone’s touch screen.

Difficulties in Playing Car Racing Games

Who doesn't like to drive in real world?. If you are not acquainted with driving then we goes for a virtual driving in these real world stimulating car racing games. Did you feel any difficulties while playing these games like the car was unable to turn at the right time or goes in the wrong direction? This may happen due to the sensor problems of your phone or if you have any history of flashing custom ROM to your smartphone.

If the problem is not from the flashing or no history of that then adjust the accelerometer sensor from the app itself by placing your mobile on a flat surface (You can also select this option by dialing *#0*# in Samsung smartphones).

Did you ever come across any of these errors when you try to install apps from the play store?... Or you met any other problems that I don't discussed here. Then share your opinions as comments.


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