Common Battery Charging Problems and Solutions

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Here are some general mobile battery charging problems and their solutions. There may be several reasons for your mobile not get properly charged. Like aging of battery, overcharging etc...Below are some addressed battery charging issues and their possible reasons.

Common Battery Charging Issues

Listed below are some of the common battery charging issues and also solution to overcome it.

Always Check your battery specifications

Before going to buy a new battery or that already comes with your phone, always check it is original or not. Most of the cases battery explosion or improper charging are occurs due to these fake batteries or batteries that not met the phone manufactures specification.

Battery Charge Completely Drains Out

If this happens, can't charge your mobile using charger then try to charge your mobile by connecting to an USB port of a PC/Laptop and leave the mobile connected for at least 20 mins and continue charging using your charger or allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before you try to turn on the device.

Battery Charges Slowly

  • Checkout your mobile's charging port.
  • Check whether the mobile is searching for signal/network or running any apps in background.
  • Always check the battery was bulged or not.
  • Try to charge after switch-off your mobile.

Battery Shows 100% just after plug-in for sometimes

Here are some possible reasons.
  • Errors in software or happens in their upgrading.
  • If you have previously install and uninstall custom ROM or other android versions that not supported by your mobile.
  • Aging of battery, expiration of shelf life, over charge.
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Battery get hot while charging

  • Frequent charging of your mobile.
  • Try to charge after removing the external back cover or case.
  • Check if the battery was bulged or not.
  • Aging of battery or if you charge your phone more than five times a week.
  • If the problem is still persist then time to change your phone battery.

New Battery doesn't hold Charge

If you newly buys a battery or that comes with your new phone but the battery get not charged. This happens due to the expiration of battery's shelf life. For example Lithium-Ion battery has a shelf life (life time of a battery which are not in use) of 2 to 3 years from date of manufacturing and this life time will expires even if you are not using them. If, this period was expired your battery may also fails to charge.

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Battery Shows Charging but actually not getting Charged

  • This may due to the aging of your battery. 
As every battery made for a 400 to 500 charging cycles. If this cycle gets expired the battery not get properly charged.
  • If you have a history of installing custom ROM in your mobile this may also affects the battery charging.

Charge Drains out Fastly after the Phone get completely charged

This may due to battery hunting apps that run in background. So look for the unwanted apps that run in background and also check if the CPU usage of your mobile phone is high. Also aging of battery may matters here.

                                  If you have more tips, drop it as comments.


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