Most Useful Websites in 2015

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Happy New Year wishes to all my readers. Here is my first post in 2015, I would like to share some websites that are more useful to you..There is millions of websites out there from that I picked some most relevant sites. Here we go.

Web Of Trust (My Wot)


Its gives some relevant information about a site whether it is good or bad before we are going to browse through it (you can use this feature only when installing there add-on). The site also offers add-on that can installed in Chrome and Mozilla browsers. WOT rated a site based on user reviews in which make it us tension free browsing and protected from spam and malware attacks.

Note: WOT may not show rating of newly launched sites or some other unpopular sites unless users review it.

If you love to write articles and don't know whether there is any mistakes that may creeps in to it then you can try this site. They help you to get out grammatical mistakes, spelling and styling errors etc... So, make you a hassle free writing. 

If you like to take an account in Gmail, Yahoo, Word Press, LinkedIn, Reddit, Blogger etc... But tired of checking availability of your desired account name in all these then you can try this site. Go to the site, type the desired name in their search box and click search. You can see if your name is already taken or not. The site shows the desired account name availability up to 40 sites at a time.

It's an awesome site that gets all the possible information about a website. For example there SEO score, Alexa ranking, whether it's safe or not, Google page rank, WOT rating and a lot of other features. The most important thing is that you can compare between two sites above discussed features. Also this site gives some extra points to tweak the performance or to improve the traffic, SEO score etc of your website. You can also their add-on to your chrome or Mozilla browser.

It's a site for checking whether a website or link is safe or not and it’s owned by Norton security. This is more helpful if you have received a link within in a mail and doubt about its safety then you can copy that link to Safe web search box to check that link. 

If you have some equations in mathematics or physics want to know the solution, you can try this site. Also they offer the same for chemistry, astronomy, engineering, musical note etc...and other exciting features.

If you face difficulty in reading a website or looks so clumsy for reading then try this site to make it reads clear. But you have to sign up for that.

You can find a lot interview related questions on various topics like android, operating system, engineering, Networking etc...More than that there is an online quiz section for testing your knowledge and lot of other features.

Want to improve your reading speed then you can try this site.  Here you can set (increase or decrease) the reading speeds according to your skills.

By using this site you can know how much calorie in a food have. Also you can compare the calories between foods. So you can decide how much food you have to eat to keep up your body weight or helps to lose weight.

                                  Ya!... I know this is not an end of the list there is more out there. If you know more pls feel free to point as comments.


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