Before Buying Used Smartphones

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                          Smartphones features and specifications are becoming advance on every new launch they make. We also love to grab them but budget or other factors pulls back. So, what we do is waiting for their price to go down or think of buying second-hand phones.

                          Before buying used phones certain things you have to know to pick them. Sometimes you consider their specifications or budgets to buy them. You buy a used phone so you have to take extra care than buying a fresh mobile.

                          Here I am giving some tips you can follow while buying a second hand phones.

Try to know them

                          Before going to buy a second-hand phone try to know their specifications, users review and especially its price in the market. You have to check the prices of both fresh and used phone in which you plan to buy. So, it's helpful to make negotiations with the seller and not to get cheat. Also avoid buying outdated phones, as sometimes you may fail to install apps that you love.

Buy in full Box Piece

                          It's better to buy used phone which have a Box piece.  Also make sure that the mobile accessories they offer are not from a third-party (accessories that not meets the rating of the mobile manufacturer). Using third-party charger, earphones etc may risk you and your Smart phone's life.

Check the Mobile as Usual

                        Already you know this part in buying a used phone. As you always check, if there any scratches, screen problems or volume key, power key etc were working proper. Sometimes after pressing these keys they go inwards and not retain its place. So, it’s important to checkout the power key button is loose or not because sometimes we may trick as they made adjustable to just working good.

Check Battery

                                 Always check battery of used phones. Firstly exam if there is any bulging to the battery. Secondly go for their manufacturing date (Refer picture). This date has an importance in analysis of a battery life. Because every battery has a shelf life (time period in which a battery is not in use) of two years from the date of its manufacture and 400 to 500 recharge cycles. If this expires the battery may fail to proper charging.

                                Also check the battery health by switch off and switch on the phone. If the battery charge drop drastically than the earlier percentage, then the battery may have some charge problems.

Check Liquid Damage

             Liquid Contact Indicator sticker on a Samsung galaxy S3 marked as Red box in the figure

                           Check that the mobile in any way come in to contact with water or exposed to rain. For that, a Liquid Contact Indicator (that changes their color when contact with water) placed inside of all electronics devices like iPod, laptop etc.. also this can found in smartphones like Samsung galaxy S3. In smartphone it can found by removing battery.

                           You can know it by accessing the default color change of this indicator.This will also get triggered by certain other factors like humidity or water drops that entered through the ear phones connection port etc....

Check Ports

                          Ensure that all external ports of the phone are working. You can check this by taking earphones, data cable with you before going to buy the phone. Plug in to the port and make sure that the ports are not loose and you can hear music through the ear phones. Sometimes port may not work if mobile fell to water or rash usage of data cables, charging cables with the mobile. Also bring SD card to know if the card reader port is working.

Check SIM Lock or Network Lock

                           It's an important thing while you paying money to buy a second-hand phone. SIM lock means your mobile is locked for accepting only a carrier (operators like Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon etc) SIM only and its may differ to countries. This is more important while you are looking to buy a mobile that brings from a foreign country.

                         It's also applicable if you buy a new phone. You can check this by inserting your local operator's SIM and you can normally use and make calls then the phone is not network locked. So search and buy an international version phones which you have new OS updates and so many other features. Also not advised to use unlocked phones and unlocking phones will void warranty.

Check Sensors

                                 Sensors play a vital role in making a Smartphone complete. If sensors are not working you can't enjoy a smartphone in its way what they offers. You can check it by technically and practically. Technically by typing certain manufacturer base codes (eg. By checking sensor, touch pad working etc by typing some code like *#0*# (Refer the figure) and practically by playing a video (make it rotate while playing and slow to response may have a sensor problem), if possible play a video game (playing difficulty in games like car racing etc...)

Make a call

                           Making and receiving calls are the main functions that we expected from above all the other features offered by smartphones or other normal phones.  Therefore you have to check by make a call from the second-hand phone and if possible tell your friend or others to call to the same mobile. This helps to check the phone ear piece is working or any problems to the mic of the mobile.

Check the Phone Connectivity

                           Phone connectives like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi scanning, sharing and Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC etc...Checking all these is a difficult one. So, at least try to check the Bluetooth connectivity by make it on, check if its discoverable and can send files. Also if you have more time, go for a Wi-Fi search with the phone.

Check the Hardware Specification

                       Screen shot of the CPUZ app shows the specifications of Samsug Galaxy S3

                                      Always study the features and specifications of the mobile you are going to buy. Because you may get cheated by selling to you a China phone (looking exactly same as that of the original phone but very low quality) or a refurbished phone (phones that have changed the circuit board only or changing the screen only or both and claims it is new and sell with some what's same as that of original phone price). It’s difficult to tell a phone refurbished or not. So, try to buy from a trustworthy seller.

                               Another option is to know the hardware specification of a smartphone by installing an app like CPU-Z (its only small kb size) to the mobile. The app tells the hardware specification of the mobile to which the app is installed before that you have to know the phone hardware specifications to verify the details shown by CPUZ.

Switch Off and Switch On

                   Switch off and switch on the phone. Doing this may know if there is any booting error or any failure in software or hardware.

Make an Agreement

                                  Try to made agreement between you and the seller of the second-hand phone. Agreement like, you are not anyway liable for the misuse that happened from the phone seller ( owner of the phone) before the date of buying or at the time of buying and so on you can add other responsibilities and It's up to you.

Stolen or not

                         How to know that the phone you are going to buy was stolen or not. It’s sometimes difficult to find that. Here I give some tips to avoid buying stolen phones.

  • Give prefer only to buy used phone that comes with original box piece. 
  • Try to made agreement with seller. 
  • Try to keep an ID of the seller with you. 
  • Always buy from a trustworthy seller.

                           So, above are some common tips to make sure that the buying phone is not stolen.

Buying from Online

                               Certain things you have to know before buying especially used phones from online.

  • Confirm that the seller is legitimate. 
  • Track transaction history of the seller and users review (if they have). 
  • If possible, don’t try to give advance. 
  • If you noted that you cheated, inform early as possible to the online site where you have purchased the mobile (they may help you). 
  • Ask why they selling a high-end phone at low price, if you found that the price is so cheap as compared to the market tag price.

                            Ya!.....I know it's difficult to follow all these steps at the time of buying a second-hand phone. As there is time limit and you may restrict to follow some steps. So, select steps from this that you can follow.

                               Hope you enjoy this article. If you have more suggestions and tips that I forgot to mention pls feel free to drop it as comments


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