Best Camera Apps for Android

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Best Camera Apps for Android

Best free and paid 15 photo editing apps for android in 2015. Smartphones improves its eyes resolution on every new birth they take. But the android stock camera has many limitations for enhancing the pics that you take with it. So, we have to depend on other camera apps for giving an extra beauty touches to the memorable moments of life that you caught through your smartphone's eye. Here are some of the top photography apps out there that you can use to polish your images.

Photo Suite 4 (Free/In-App Purchase)

Powerful app for editing and messing around with your pics. PhotoSuite works with layers to combine pictures and create work-of Art College.


  • Boost your images with text based graphics, filters and free drawings. 
  • Supports image compression formats like JPEG, PNG, .GS etc... 
  • Easily handles different parts of your images with filters and effects like Invert, Diffuse and Crystallize etc... 
  • Enhance your photos with fine tune crop, colors etc... 
  • Real time filters for highlight shadow pixelation, sharpen and transformations via layer or select dragging.
  • Add Cool Liquify effects to your Images and beautify your images by layer editing.

Also plug-ins are available for remotely connecting your Sony's mobile camera with Photo Suite from a distance.

An astonishing app that can instantly make almost every photo looks better than before without depending on any complex settings. Perfectly Clear also have high intelligence towards auto correction of images and gives a new lease of life to your pics.


  • Transforms and enhance your images within seconds. 
  • Auto correction includes Face Slimming, Red eye, Eye Circle, Skin Smoothing etc... 
  • Supports lollipop and give you a full resolution high speed burst HDR shots of fast-moving subjects. 
  • You can directly browse with phone gallery and pick the images that capture with your stock camera for re polishing.
Also you can get access to your Amazon cloud drive with Perfectly Clear for editing your pics and save it directly to the cloud.

Photo Studio (Free/Paid)

Loaded with varieties of editing features and an excellent app for enhancing your images color, contrast, line etc... Friendly user interface with lot of things to use and always come out in good.


  • Create free form collages. Combines multiple photos into amazing looking frames with 100s of templates in classic and art categories. 
  • Download and apply free set of beautiful digital frames like Valentines, Holiday, Christmas and summer effects. 
  • Enhancement tools and supports base transform operations. 
  • Offers new oil painting filters, Blend tool, Paint editor, lens boost etc.
More features can lock out through Pro. Also get 50 free stickers and 1000+ stickers that come in categories romance, animals, food and more.

Clone Camera (Free/In-App Purchase)

Clone yourself. Make exact copies of you in a photo and giggle with it. With this you can definitely do up some fun and original shots very easily.


  • Support high-resolution images for cloning. 
  • Comes with lot of filters. 
  • Self timers for taking photos in a row. 
  • Share with your friends and make fun with it.
But you can select only up to 4 images for making a clone of yourself within the photo.

Pics Play Photo Editor (Free/Paid)

It's a full-featured editing app for touching and re-polishing your life's memorable moments. App allows you to customize the impact of all the effects and do fine adjustments with tools like curves.


  • Wide choice of filters and effects. 
  • Built-in in Fx that are adjustable to complete control with curves. 
  • Option for comparing the original pic to the edited version. 
  • Straighten, Crop and Rotate your images. 
  • You can control opacity of filters. Supports 3 types of Blur effects - linear, radial and oval. 
  • Decorate your photos, save it to various resolutions and share in Instagram, Facebook etc.
But you can taste only the basic features of the app in its free version. For squeezing the full editing features you have to go for Pics Play Pro. Also the app is little costlier compared to other photo editing apps.

Camera 360 Ultimate (Free)

Make your pics flawless with camera 360. App provides beautiful effects, amazing picture quality and gives a wonderful paint of space and life.


  • Free cloud album and exclusive filters. 
  • Photo editing tools and free camera modes. 
  • Face recognition and thinning, Skin smoothing etc..
  • Easy sharing with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
With beautiful and elegant design, app brings you the most splendid photographic experience for you. 

Snap Camera HDR (Free/Paid)

Capture image and record video with a single click. It lets you take a picture at dark and very light area. Also app has a sleek and simple interface gives you a full freedom in photography.


  • Capture beautiful pics along with a host of secret effects and superb layout. 
  • Super easy panoramas with fast and useful editing tools. 
  • Auto torch mode for low light video recording. 
  • Supports Stable shot, Fast picture mode, Self Timer, Anti-banding etc... 
  • Photo Editor for adding Color effects, Histogram modification, Vignette etc...
Also you can use the advanced video settings to record video in resolutions that not allowed by other cameras.

InstaPlace (Free/Paid)

App that easy to use, showcase your experience and places. Instaplace let you to send e-cards from where you live or especially you are vacationing at.


  • Capture your staying place with different skins. 
  • Beautify your pictures with elegant editing features. 
  • Edit and share your pics with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc...
You have to Turn-on your GPS for sharing location and using this app. If you are a traveler and loves to share your staying place with some added beauty then this is the app for you

Fast Burst Camera (Free/Paid)

If you felt any shutter lag in your android stock camera then this app will definitely works for you. Fast Burst Camera pushes your smartphones shutter lag and you can take up to a 30 photos per second. But for low-end devices it was limit to 5-10 photos/second.


  • Take photos of moving things or people. Create animated GIFs, Collages and add filters, frames etc... 
  • Capture the best shots of your favorite sports. 
  • Supports flash, zoom and focus.
Sometimes flash may not support in some devices and chances of dropping image resolution due to high shuttering speed.

Color Splash Effect (Free/Paid)

Best app for coloring an image and powerful effects that can dramatic but simple to produce stunning results. Splash your shots with elegant designed editing tools.


  • Great zoom panel for taking extra accuracy in the edit. 
  • Photo Editor Tools supports editing of full resolution images. 
  • Add frames, borders and special overly light effects. 
  • Draw, add text and vignette filters to the photos.
Pro gives you more option, effects of course to great prices and explore their endless editing possibilities. 

A Better Camera (Free/In-App Purchase)

Take your shots with professional quality. App helps to produce you crisp and high detailed pictures with simple instructions.


  • Supports panoramic up to 360° to 100 MPix. 
  • Night mode and video recording plus time-lapse. 
  • Capture images in detailed even at low-light conditions. 
  • Take panoramic photos any scenery. 
Key feature of the app was the Burst and Expo-bracketing which is used by professional cameras to make captured images livelier.

HDR Fx Photo Editor (Free/In-App Purchase)

If you just want to play around with colur effects and be different then pick this app. Also give HDR touches to your pics with their simple user interface.


  • Re-size full resolution photos. 
  • Supports Bokeh and HDR effects. 
  • Make photos dramatic with lectures and vignette filters. 
  • Sharpen and Blur tools for your Images.
With HDR Fx you can apply curve adjustments to your photos.

Vignette (Free/Paid)

Easily creates photos with great customization of filters and frames. Also slick and quick interface gives great results if you experiment for a while.


  • Very good and useable features are available. 
  • Supports Time lapse and Self-timer. 
  • Touch to focus with steady-shot modes. 
  • Packed with a bundle of cool camera styles. 
  • Stamp date and time to pictures with adjustable size, color and formatYou can capture photos at full resolution with effects.
Also remote shutter are there for Bluetooth, Wired headsets or Sony Ericsson Live View. But the app provides support in English.

Real Bokeh (Paid)

Great *bokeh with an option to choose several designs along with an array of colors. Also you can draw beautiful bokeh and light effects to your photos.

*Bokeh: Way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.


  • You can choose the color and size of the bokeh. 
  • Vary the opacity of overlays and leaks. 
  • Save images at full resolution with beautiful bokeh shapes and light leak effects. 
  • Draw multiple bokehs with a finger touch.
But the problem is that the app available only in paid version. So, we can't go for a trial before purchasing the app.

Handy Photo (Paid)

Transforms dull dreary photos into something very special with a little work. Handy Photo allows you to quickly dial in Sharpening, Shadow, Contrast and Tint. You can't simply adjust these correctly without a 1:1 view of the image but this app provides that.


  • Remove unwanted things (even smaller objects) completely from a photo. 
  • Selective editing and Edge detection. 
  • Move Me option for better objects extraction and moving. 
  • Apply awesome textures like Abstract, Clouds, Cloth etc...
Also the app allows straightening crooked horizon lines in photos without sacrificing their original size and more.

Above discussed are some of the best camera apps that does not allows your stock camera to steal the beauty of the captured shots from your life's most memorable moments. Is any other apps that you would like to add with above friends?... Then drop it here as comments.

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