Google Search Tips and Tricks

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Google search tips and tricks.When we say about Internet the first name come to our mind is the name Google. Last year there were trillions of searches are made by peoples around the world. There are some ways for making your Google searches more fun and effective. Here are some tips for your Google search.


         By using this you can easily find the definition of a word.

word * word

            For finding the combination of words.

                                                                   With *
Without *


            If you want to search only within a site.

File type:

            Easily get the results of the file types we wants like PDF,PPT,DOC etc.

Add Plus Sign

         Shows result of exact word you search. I.e. no plurals are in search results. For example if we search for feeling it shows result only the word related to feeling instead of word feelings.


         Shows only pages that have the title you search.

“Set of words”

       To find the words in exact order you search.


       You can find the movies that run in theatres nearby you entering the city's name or zip code.

 Set a timer

       Yes you can set a timer in Google. If you want to take break while browsing, you can set timer in Google and when the time runs out Google will beep.

Flip Google

        Flip or spin the Google page by searching “do a barrel roll".

Tilt Google

       Tilt the Google page by searching tilt or askew.

Zerg Rush

         Search for zerg rush and shows page that are eaten by O’s

Sort the results by Author

         You can search only for the popular books by an author or search for songs only by an artist.

 Two type of results

         Simultaneously get two results by making a single search.

Search with *

      If you forget a song and knows only some part of it, search with the asterisks *, the Google will complete the search by adding missing words to it.


       By adding hyphen to the search you can exclude a word from search or its more useful when you want to search a word with several meanings.

With Hyphen
Without Hyphen


         Find all the pages that contain your searched url.

Ip address

         Search for ip address,shows your public IP address.


          By adding vs to the search you get the compared results in a table format.


        To get the cached copy of a website those are online or not. For example type "cache: site name" without quotes on the browser url field or search bar of browser.

See all Google Doodles

      Without entering any search and hit I am feeling lucky, you can see all the doodles that created by Google for special days.


        Shows only result that related to your search.

                                                         More you know pls share via comments.  


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