World's Largest SD Card

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SanDisk launches the world's first highest capacity SD card of storage space 512 GB and a good writing speed up to 90 MBps. These are all packed within a stamp size. Before that the highest available memory is 128 GB and this storage space are still not enough to make the needs that's why they go for a gigantic capacity of 512 GB.  

American company SanDisk first launched SD card has a memory of only 512 MB which is very low and its 10 years back. At that place the newly launched one has 1000 times greater capacity as compared to 512MB. "SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I" card mainly focused for cameras capturing 4K Ultra High definition videos (3840x 2160p). You have to pay 800$ (Rs.48000/-) to buy it which is something costlier. Hoping that the price may lower in coming days.

It's not used in smart phone as the latest phones only supports memory cards up to 128 GB and the newly introduced SD cards are not comes under the class of memory cards that you have in your phones. Before they introduce SD cards test them to withstand in extreme conditions like heat, water etc...Because as they use in devices there is a chance for drop in to the water from our hand or exposed to heat as the device works for longtime.

As "Security Digital Card"(SD Card) are launches in 1999 to replace the early "Multimedia Cards". SanDisk, Toshiba and Matsushita were the first companies together develop the SD cards. As said earlier the 512 MB   has low memory which something we can afford because as your phones features are going further in which you can watch HD videos, play mp3 songs as album for enjoying these features you are  not compromise with low memory, So you will definitely goes for higher storage capacities. Knowing our needs now more than 400 companies brings SD cards to the market at varying prices and memory capacities.

Features of SanDisk 512 GB SD Card

  • Offers lifetime limited warranty 
  • Data recovery software "Rescue Pro Deluxe" for restoration of deleted images 
  • UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) class which is suitable for recording 4K and high-definition videos 
  • Claims writing speed up to 90 MBps and transferring speed up to 95 MBps 
  • Approximately stores more than 100 HD videos and 700 mp3 songs as albums 
  • It can withstand under extreme conditions like X-Rays, Heats, Shocks, Water and different weather.

          What’s your opinion? Is there any need for 512 GB memory for a SD card? Is it worth for 800 Dollars?


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