Swiping Machine Virus

Swiping machine viruses are spreading in India. As you use Credit/Debit card to pays bills in shops by using swiping machines, new viruses are attacking these machines to steal your Credit/Debit cards details. Malicious program named "Brutpos" are used to steal your private details. These Viruses are attacks through unprotected network connections.

Swiping machines are popular as they helped to pay your bills via your Credit cards by just swipe through and enter your passwords done, bills get payed. The main benefits of these machines are you no need to carry your purse with you as fears that the purse be lost or stolen. Online stores offer Cash-On-Delivery, Net Banking to buy from their stores. But still we loved to buy from our nearby stores or city. So, these machines are very useful for both retailers and customers.

Reports shows that there were 700 retailer centers infected by these malicious programs. Indian Computer Emergency Response team (CERT-In) which is a Government Organization under the Ministry of Communication and Information technology warns the attacks of these Malicious programs. These viruses are mainly focuses on attacking swiping machines that work on windows systems.

"Brutpos" get the named as they attacks on swiping machines also known as "Point-Of-Sale" Systems. They come under the family of dangerous viruses like botnet/Trojans which used to steal our private details. When you are using Credit card on these affected swiping machines they send your Name, Account No:, C.V.V Code and system information to hackers which they are later to use hack your account. The details are goes to anonymous servers that include the IP address of the system that connected to the POS. Every time we uses the Cards, details are get updated to these servers which are something more dangerous as they use to steal your money without your knowledge.

As security experts says that the attacks are mainly affected on devices like POS that runs on Internet Protocols (IP Traffic) and said that the swiping machines connected to the phone lines are not get affected by this malicious program.

Here are some steps for protecting your Credit Card details

Below are some ways that you can follow to protect your account from viruses like "Brutpos".
  • Every time you swipe Credit card, punch in your pin number to swipe machine (As RBI made these mandatory for all users).
  • Update the system that connected to the POS and keep updated the POS software.
  • Don't use the POS connected system to accessing any unknown websites or restrict the use only for your shops marketing purposes.
  • Use Antivirus (Keeps updated) and firewall settings in PCs to protect from intruders. 
  • If your account blocked/can't assess immediately alert your bank to freeze your credit card or bank account. 
  • Periodically change your pin number and don't share with others. 
  • Don't use shared profiles/groups in same computer to log in.

                If you have more suggestions pls share via comments.