Battery Saving Tips For Android Phones

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Here are some of the best Android battery saving tips. Smartphone’s become more popular by the entry of Android. At the same time their greediness for battery charge is also famous. But you can follow these tips for saving your android phones as well as other smart phone's battery life.

Tips for Saving Battery Charge

You can follow some tips for improving your battery life.

  • Turn-off GPS will increase battery charge.

Check whether the GPS is off, as sometimes it automatically turns on after the installation of some Apps.

  • Turn-off Auto Brightness

Auto Brightness drains lot of battery otherwise activate this feature only when using your Smartphone on outdoors.

  • Use safe mode if you go for a long travelling.

This mode will help to gain your battery life to a greater extend. By activating this mode, only give access to apps that comes with your phone and all other app that you install will disable. This in turn frees a lot of space in RAM and increases your battery life. To deactivate the safe mode, just restart your phone

  • Use dark background for browsing and reading.

If you have an AMOLED screen tries to keep a black image or dark theme as background. It will help to reduce the battery consumption. Also use night mode while browsing/reading.

  • Try to use Wi-Fi instead of Mobile Data.

Using mobile data consumes more battery than a Wi-Fi. Also while you using Wi-Fi check whether there is a Wi-Fi scanning runs in background.

  • Turn-off Mobile data, Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, S Beam, Wi-Fi hot spot.

Always turned off, these if you're not using them. If not this will runs in background for searching signals, in turn reduce your battery charge.

  • Turn off Auto synchronization.

This feature is for auto updating your emails and other social updates in background while your phone connected to Internet. Turn it off will reduce the data usage and also saves battery charge.
  • Set your phone screen Brightness to least.
Most of the Battery charge are drinks out by the screen. So keeping the brightness high will consumes more battery charge.
  • Set the screen out time to at least 5s or 10s.
This will helpful to automatically turn-off screen after a message notification, calling or forget to lock your phone.
  • Turn-on Power saving mode.
By activating this mode limits the CPU usage and use low power level for screen.
  • Turn-off Haptic feedback.
Because vibrate function uses extra battery power.
  • Turn-on Flight mode.
It helps to keep the battery charge at night-time when you're going to sleep and it's not recommended if you are looking for some one's call at night.
  • Turn-off Sensors, Motion.
If you're no longer using these features turn it off otherwise it's a big reason for your battery draining.
  • Stop Apps that are running in background.
Go to Settings → Application Manager → Running select the apps that you don't want to run in background.
  • Always check Task Manager.
Apps like android built in browser, chrome will not exit even if you are properly closed them. So, check out the task manager after using these apps will help to stop them running in background that led to battery drainage.
  • Use Clean Master like apps.
These apps helps you to tracks down the battery draining apps and also gives notification of apps that heating or lagging your Mobile/CPU.                                             

  • Disable pre-installed Apps on your phone.

Disabling pre-installed apps (apps that comes with your phone) reduces the battery usage and also speed up your android phone. Some apps are not useful to run in background and also it will reduce your phone's speed. You can try Clean master to disabling these apps.

  • Update installed Apps.

Keep updating installed apps will increase the battery life, as the developers of these apps will eliminates the battery haunting bugs in their app through  the updates.

  • Android Software Upgrade.

Try to keep the Software/OS that already comes with your phone because they are designed for limiting your phone battery charge. As you go for upgrading, the newly installed software may be not compromise with your battery as they've comes with new features that are not compatible with your battery life. But if you're looking for some extra features on your phone you have to definitely upgrade your software.

  • Use 2G/ GSM only mode.

Select this mode for normal use of your phone and using Dual/UMTS mode will reduce your battery life otherwise use only UMTS (3G) for faster browsing or downloading or making a video call.

  • Don't use live wallpapers.

As live wallpapers will drains lot of battery as they designed to move with motion or sensors.

  • Leave the phone for at least 15mins.

After the mobile get completely charged leave it unused for at least 15mins.This will help to hold your battery draining speed while you using the mobile.

  • Turn off Blocking mode, Hands-free mode, smart screen, voice control

If you are no longer using these features, it’s better to turn off all of them to save your battery charge to a greater extend.


                                        Is Any Tips I forget, pls feel free to mention via comments.

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